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With passion for mental wellness

Om oss bakom IRETURN

What is IRETURN?

IRETURNS' operations are based on the conviction that no one in society should be exhausted or burnt out. For those who are, it still offers IRETURN support in various forms for a return to a stable better feeling. We do this through discussion groups, forums where the power of sharing their experiences gives the participants support in their recovery.

IRETURN är också en hub för att bidra till ökad förståelse och kunskap om utbrändhet och utmattning, där poddar, bloggar, artiklar, forskningsrapporter och chatforum är några exempel. Vi vill genom detta visa frågan från olika perspektiv och bryta fördomar och okunskap som finns kring utbrändhet.

A central concept in IRETURN is to offer conversation groups, as a forum for people who want to talk about their feelings with others who have similar experience. 

We primarily address those who in different ways experience work-related stress and its negative effects. IRETURN's conversation groups are based on respect, honesty, security and hope and our conviction is that the participants should both be able to receive and support each other. 

IRETURN's call groups are a complement to other care, support and possible medication and should not be seen as a form of treatment.

IRETURN is created by people who all, directly or indirectly, have their own experience of work-related stress and ill health.

We share a belief that in sharing experiences and personal experiences, there is a positive force that can help people in need of prejudice-free first aid and concrete support on the way back to mental health. That's what IRETURN is and does.

Our mission

We want to be an available support, an alternate hope and a voice that increases understanding and reduces the prejudice about stress-related ill health. We believe in the power of meeting people with similar experiences and we want to be the natural hub for it through our conversation groups.

Who is behind IRETURN?

IRETURN is created by people who all, directly or indirectly, have their own experience of work-related stress and mental illness. We share a belief that in sharing experiences and personal experiences, there is a positive force that can help people in need of prejudice-free understanding and concrete support in the path back to mental health.

Our vision is that no one should be burnt out.


Wilma Eriksson


Wilma is a driven and social person who knows most about digital tools, sales and building human relationships. She likes to gallop, both at work and across the meadows. Wilma is passionate about helping burn out. 

“My passion for health and well-being has always been strong. When I lost myself in my life a few years ago, and went into the wall, I understood even more how the head and body are connected. My hope with IRETURN is that it will be the gathering place of information and experience I sought for myself. That together we can counter the spread of work-related mental illness and come back and live life to the fullest as quickly as possible. ”

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Per Leander


Per is an experienced and esteemed leader who, with acumen, openness and coaching, successfully led teams and management groups to fine results in various operations. For example, Per has led socially important organizations such as the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Friends with action and compassionate commitment. However, the willingness to cooperate does not apply in football, where there is only room for Bajen and Per is often seen together with other Söderbröder energetically supporting teams at Söderstadion.

“As a manager, I have experienced several times that employees have been stressed in a way that they did not measure well. The environment at work and life outside has not been possible to combine. As a manager, I naturally felt a great responsibility to help and support, but I also experienced the frustration of not knowing what to do. So far, there have been no good tools that I can recommend to my employees. Being a part of the solution and giving help to self-help is very stimulating."


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Cecilia Forzelius


Cecilia is an HR professional with long experience of leading business HR organizations. With a fine combination of result focus, thoughtfulness and warmth, she creates values ​​far beyond the financial ones. She swings the golf club and tennis racket as easily as clever comments with self-distance and humor. Cecilia is also involved in a number of support projects for vulnerable people in society.

“Think about the right support and tools would be readily available when people face stress-related illness. I have my own personal story about how stress can affect both physically and mentally and I have several friends and acquaintances who have similar experiences. I also have many years of experience working with stress-related illness in my professional life. The common denominator is that it is both difficult and inaccessible to find support and support for the affected person. I hope I can use my experience to be a part of offering support, increasing knowledge about and reducing prejudice and stigma associated with stress-related illness. "

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Johan Östlin


Johan is a legitimate psychologist with a special interest in business and sports psychology. With his solid education in psychology combined with a deep insight into leadership and organizational development, Johan has been involved in and driven the development of market leading digital platforms for work psychological testing and personal assessment. Outside of work, Johan loves his family, football and friends - in that order. 

"Mental illness is one of our biggest challenges and at the same time there are solutions for many of the individuals who suffer from it, so making that knowledge available is my most important goal."


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Christian Hultén


Christian is a valued and recognized capable leader, both by organizations and teams. He has been CEO of both successful startups and international businesses with thousands of employees. Regardless of the role, Christian is a person who combines their own ability for analytical thinking and customer / business focus with seeing and lifting their employees, which gives them a lot of room to develop and succeed.

When Christian is not working he likes to hang out in the wild with family and friends where he dreams of having his own dog as a company. He is a fan of cooking and talks just as warmly about his Sous vide (Sous vide is a method for preparing vacuum-packed raw materials) as about his intended dog.

“For many years as a manager, but also in my surroundings in private, I have seen the negative impact of work-related stress on people and how the lack of support for these individuals affects them both personally but also, as a consequence, the negative impact it has on business and society. I have heard far too many stories of ignorance, prejudice, stigmatization and lack of support related to work-related stress and burnout. If there is anything I can do to contribute in any way to increased support for people struggling with this, I must at least try. "

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Mats Wernheim


Mats is an idea creator and serial entrepreneur with many successful companies in his conscience. He is an entrepreneur who both sees and hears man, regardless of background or situation. In addition to people, Mats loves boats and is seen in the archipelago from April to October. 

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Frida Lannerström


Frida kan beskrivas med ett ord: Kreativ. Hon kan spendera timmar framför photoshop med sin ritplatta eller luska runt i skogen med sin systemkamera. Allra mest gillar hon att syssla med webbdesign, och är utbildad webbredaktör med fokus på UI/UX design. Frida driver en webbyrå, en ehandel och arbetar som UI/UX designer. 

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Wilda är en liten pudelblandning som älskar människor. Hon vill hälsa på alla människor hon ser och kan inte få ro förrän alla i sällskapet har klappat henne minst en gång. Hon är inte så förtjust i golvet, det är mycket mysigare att sitta i någons varma knä. Alla människor förtjänar blöta pussar, iallafall om man frågar henne.

”Voff, voff, voff!”

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